How to Cook Steak in the Oven

Learning how to cook steak on the oven is a simple task that has great results.

This is how to cook steak in the oven

Begin by putting a pan on the stove top and turning it on medium high. Then turn your oven to the broiler setting and adjust the rack to be roughly 10 inches from the coils. Season your steak with salt and pepper before coating it with a thin layer of oil with a high smoke point.

Put the steak on the hot pan for thirty seconds on each side. Follow this by putting the pan into the oven. Use a wad of aluminum foil to keep the oven door open just a crack to keep the broiler running hot. For medium rare, leave the steak in for a minute per inch of steak thickness. Take the steak out and let it rest for five minutes while tented with aluminium foil.

A well cooked steak is bursting with flavor and is best accompanied by hearty dishes like mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. A glass of your favorite red wine will help bring the meal together. A well-balanced meal of lean, red meat, vegetables, and a heart-healthy glass of red wine helps replenish the body after a long day and sets the tone for a relaxing evening.

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