How to Cook Fantastic Food Sat, 26 May 2012 22:52:42 +0000 en hourly 1 How Long to Cook Pork Tenderloin Mon, 31 Oct 2011 17:56:25 +0000 Ryan Wondering how long to cook pork tenderloin? Pork can be a bit intimidating simply because it has to be cooked through all the way to avoid serious bacteria. Pork tenderloin is very easy to cook and has many health benefits. Pork tenderloin is one of the leanest cuts of pork and contains many vitamins such as vitamin B6, B12, riboflavin and niacin. Here is an easy recipe for pork tenderloin.

this is how to long to cook a pork tenderloin

You will need the following ingredients:
- 2 lbs pork tenderloin
- ½ cup olive oil
- 2 cups of seasoned bread crumbs

Cooking Directions
1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.
2. Mix bread crumbs and olive oil into a bowl and mix until it gets a sticky consistency.
3. Place pork on baking sheet and cover with bread crumb mix on both sides.
4. Cook for 35 minutes. Pork should not be pink when cut.
5. Serve and enjoy.

This meal is best served with a nice lemonade or other fruit drink. It compliments the pork tenderloin and cleanses the pallet.

Here’s to another Fantastic meal!

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How to Cook Salmon in a Pan Mon, 31 Oct 2011 17:39:25 +0000 Ryan Here’s an easy recipe for how to cook salmon in a pan:

this is how to cook

You will need the following ingredients:
- 4 6 oz salmon fillets
- 1 large clove of garlic, halved
- 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
- 1/2 teaspoon cracked black pepper
- 2 tbs Olive oil
- 2 large heirloom tomatos, chopped
- 3 or 4 sprigs fresh basil, chopped
- 1 large yellow bell pepper, chopped

Serves 4

Rinse salmon fillets; pat dry with paper towel. Rub half of the garlic clove over fish; discard. Sprinkle salt and pepper evenly over fillets. Cover with foil and bake for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees.

While fish is baking, dice the remaining garlic half and saute in olive oil with the bell pepper for two minutes over medium heat. Add tomato and basil and continue to saute for another three minutes. Spoon sauce over salmon fillets and serve.

Salmon is a great source of Omega 3 and low-fat protein. Salmon is a great choice for a heart-healthy diet.

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How to Cook Plantains Mon, 31 Oct 2011 17:27:59 +0000 Ryan Plantains are kind of like bananas, but used only for cooking applications. This is due to their firm texture and bitter taste. Plantains are great for an addition to a main course or as a snack (cooked, of course). Learning how to cook plantains is extremely easy.

this is how to cook plantains

The best way to cook plantains is to take the peel off then slice the plantain into small slices. Heat a pan on the stove big enough for deep frying. When the oil is hot fry the plantains until they begin to float. This should only take a couple of minutes. Drain the plantains on a paper towel and sprinkle with a little bit of salt or a little sugar.

Plantains can be also be mashed, broiled, or added to various soups. To make a popular drink a plantain is boiled then blended with a mixture of sugar and water. Plantains have a lower sugar content then bananas. Plantains are a good source of fiber and potassium. This fruit is popular in Caribbean cooking.

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How to Cook Jasmine Rice Mon, 31 Oct 2011 17:16:31 +0000 Ryan Jasmine rice is a flavorful, aromatic dish native to Thailand. Slightly less sticky than regular rice, jasmine rice has a nutty flavor that can only be described as “super-delicious”. This side dish is easy to prepare even for those who do not know how to cook Jasmine rice.

this is how to cook jasmine rice

In a large saucepan, warm 2 tablespoons olive oil over medium-low heat. Stir in 2 tablespoons chopped onion and saute for 3 to 5 minutes. Mix in 1/4 cup green peas, 1 bay leaf (optional) and 1 1/2 cups Jasmine rice, stirring well to thoroughly coat rice. Pour 3 cups water into the sauce pan with the previous ingredients and salt to taste. Increase the heat to medium-high, allowing the rice to come to a simmer. After 5 minutes, reduce heat to low and allow the rice to simmer lightly uncovered until all the liquid is absorbed. Remove the saucepan from the heat and cover the rice, allow it to sit 40 minutes before serving. Total cooking time should be approximately an hour.

In Thailand, jasmine rice is served with hot herbal tea that compliments its taste and aroma. This Jasmine rice dish is low in fat and calories, making it an excellent choice for those eating a healthy diet.

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How to Cook Flank Steak Mon, 31 Oct 2011 16:54:45 +0000 Ryan Flank steak is a particularly tough cut of meat, and is therefore most commonly used for things such as fajitas, where the role the meat plays is significantly diminished. However, if you’re bent on learning how to cook flank steak and make it delicious and tender, try the following recipe. It depends on a great marinade to help the meat tenderize.

this is how to cook flank steak

You will need the following ingredients:
- 1 ½ lbs. flank steak
- 2 cloves garlic, minced
- ¼ c. red wine vinegar
- 1/3 c. soy sauce
- 1 tbsp. Dijon mustard
- ½ tsp. ground black pepper
- ½ c. vegetable oil
- 1 ½ tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
- 2 tbsp. fresh lemon juice

1. In a medium size bowl, mix together Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, oil, ground black pepper, mustard, garlic and soy sauce. Use a shallow glass dish and place meat in center of dish. Pour marinade over the meat; keep turning until it is completely covered. Cover the dish and refrigerate for six hours.
2. Preheated your grill to a medium high temperature.
3. Make sure to oil the grill grate. Put flank steaks on the grill, and throw away the marinade. Grill each side 5 minutes, or until cooked to desired level.

Baked potatoes, green vegetables, beans, garlic bread or rolls always go good with a great steak.

Flank steak is an excellent source of protein and iron. However, it should be eaten sparingly; as with all red meats it contains high amounts of saturated fat.

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How to Cook Chicken on the Stove Tue, 25 Oct 2011 05:08:23 +0000 Ryan Cooking a boneless chicken breast on the stove top is really simple. Learning how to cook chicken on the stove is obviously the first step and (Thanks to your Fantastic friends, wink wink, nudge nudge) is also very simple.

This is how to cook chicken on the stove

Simply place a pan on the burner, dribble a little olive oil on and spread it around so that the chicken breast will not stick to the pan. Cook on medium heat and add your choice of spices. I like using a pinch of seasoning salt, a pinch of garlic powder and a pinch of dill weed, to both sides of the chicken breast. Flip the breast after about 15 minutes. Entire cooking time will be about a half hour, as long as your chicken breast was fully thawed. Make a cut in the most middle, fattest part of the breast to check if it’s done. The meat will be white, with no pink at all when it’s done.

Chicken is a wonderful source of protein and is a great lean meat choice. Chicken is great with any side; potatoes, rice, vegetables.

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How to Cook Bratwurst Tue, 25 Oct 2011 04:54:50 +0000 Ryan Wondering how to cook bratwurst? For the best, most delicious bratwurst recipes, you should be prepared to go outside of your comfort zone a little bit. You may be tempted to just throw them in the oven or stick them in some boiling water, but allow yourself to be surprised. It is amazing what a little fruit juice can do.

This is how to cook bratwurst

To create a mouthwatering apple bratwurst meal, you first need to simmer your bratwurst in apple juice or cider for approximately 15 minutes. Brats will be tender and delicious with a hint of apple flavor. Don’t forget Bratwurst’s partner-in-crime, sauerkraut! Put the two together on a home-baked hot dog bun and you’re in for a treat!

To round out this delicious meal, combine your apple brats with baked beans, dinner rolls and your favorite beverage. I have found the best pairings to be with a carbonated drink such as apple cider, ginger ale or a soft drink. The carbonation bubbles tend to mix well with the bratwurst. Mmm… Delicious.

Here’s to another Fantastic meal!

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How to Cook Baked Potatoes Tue, 25 Oct 2011 04:44:14 +0000 Ryan Baked potatoes have been the tasty side dish to a juicy steak for many years. Cooking a baked potato at home is easy, as long as you are prepared and don’t try to rush the cooking process. Read below to find out how to cook baked potatoes.

This is how to cook baked potatoes

Take a trip to the supermarket and choose the best looking baking potato you can find. Don’t worry about it being too big, you can always save half of it for lunch the next day.

After arriving home you need to rinse the potato off and remove any dirt or other debris. Set the oven at 350 degrees. Using a paring knife, poke several holes in the potato. While the potato is still wet, cover it with some rock salt and then wrap it in foil.

Place your potato in the oven and cook for slightly over an hour. You will know your potato is done when it is fork tender (meaning once you can easily poke it with a fork). Baked potatoes are a good source of potassium and can be enjoyed with a variety of toppings from sour cream to salsa.

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How to Cook Asparagus in the Oven Wed, 12 Oct 2011 19:17:31 +0000 Ryan Asparagus is a versatile vegetable, easy to prepare in numerous ways. If you are trying to learn how to cook asparagus in the oven for the first time, just use this simple recipe.

This is how to cook asparagus in the oven

Clean the asparagus and snap the ends before laying the asparagus out on a baking sheet. Drizzle roughly a teaspoon of olive oil over the asparagus with a pinch of salt, a few drops of lemon juice, and herbs. Greek or Italian herbs are a great choice. Then bake in an oven that has been preheated to 425 degrees for ten minutes.

Asparagus in the oven is a great, delicious side for anyone on the go. A variety of dishes including eggs, puff pastry, and seafood complement the distinctive flavor of asparagus. Asparagus is a healthy choice because of its high levels of potassium, vitamin A, and folate. Asparagus is a top pick. (Haha, get the pun?)

Here’s to another Fantastic meal!

For another great asparagus recipe, click here.

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How to Cook Red Potatoes Wed, 12 Oct 2011 19:04:34 +0000 Ryan Potatoes are a nutritious and low calorie food and are a fabulous side dish to any meal. Red potatoes provide a good source of vitamins C, B6, potassium and other minerals. Learning how to cook red potatoes is very simple. Do not remove the skin when preparing red potatoes, since the fiber is in the skin and many of the nutrients are near the surface. Instead wash them under water with a soft vegetable brush. Baking, steaming or microwaving will preserve the maximum amount of nutrients but some say that a lot of the flavor is lost.

This is how to cook red potatoes

The most common and delicious way I’ve learned how to cook red potatoes is to roast them in the oven. These are the steps to follow to ensure the red potatoes are cooked to perfection when roasting.

Cooking Directions
1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Wash six to ten red potatoes thoroughly under warm water.
3. Quarter the potatoes with the skin on.
4. Place the quartered pieces into a large mixing bowl.
5. Drizzle olive oil onto the quartered potatoes then add salt and pepper. Mix well until evenly coated. Rosemary or any other seasonings maybe added.
6. Place seasoned potatoes on a cookie sheet or non-stick baking dish in a single layer.
7. Place in oven for about 30 minutes or until golden brown.

This is just one way red potatoes can be cooked. Some other interesting thoughts on how to cook red potatoes are boiling, frying or microwaving. Red potatoes only become fattening when fried or served with butter and creamy sauces. Depending on the cream sauce you use, though, they can be both healthy and delicious. My very favorite way of cooking red potatoes is to boil the potatoes and then add a healthy cream sauce. It’s amazing!

Eating red potatoes with the skin, is much better for you. This is where red potatoes shine. The skins of Russet potatoes and others do not have the same taste appeal that red potatoes do, so the skin is often removed or eaten around. The skin is high in complex carbohydrates and fiber. Red potatoes skins are thin and provide an interesting complement to the taste of the meat of the potato.

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