How to Cook

There's no satisfaction quite like preparing a meal and watching friends or family enjoy it down to the last bite. Anyone can feel this joy; yes, even you! Learning how to cook isn't tough, especially in the Internet age.

We, at Fantastic Food, have made it our mission to help you succeed , whether you're an aspiring chef, a caring parent, or gracious host. We've created an easy, three-step system to help you on your road to becoming a culinary master.

This is how to cook

First - Find a Recipe. Use this website or a common web search to look for recipes that sound good to you. Start with a simple recipe. Read not only the recipe itself but also the reviews by people who have prepared the dish. You will quickly find that experienced cooks modify recipes for their own tastes.

Second - Try the recipe. Start by following the recipe closely, then begin making small modifications based on the comments other cooks have left and your own intuition. Tweaking seasonings is an easy way to start. Learn to go by smell. Your nose will tell you that marjoram and oregano, for example, can easily be switched for a subtle flavor change.

Third - Keep track of what you've learned. Start a recipe book and organize it in the way that fits your unique style the best. Post comments on the web pages of the recipes you've tried. This not only helps other cooks, but also provides you the gratification of sharing your successes and helps you to remember things you've learned.

As you gain experience, you'll find yourself making even bigger changes, and eventually you'll develop your own unique cooking style. Above all, enjoy yourself! You truly have a great adventure waiting for you!

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  1. You've got great insights about cuisine, keep up the good work!

  2. Ryan and Matt,
    Thanks for reaching out. Your site looks great and can't wait to see how it evolves!

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