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So you think your blog or website has what it takes to be the best? prove it!

    Fantastic Food is giving away its annual "Food Website of the Year" award to the most useful, outstanding website of 2011. After having met the basic entry requirements, entries will be judged based on four criteria; creativity, utility, vision, and site values. We are looking for the best food website of the year, not the perfect food website of the year. Please don't be discouraged from entry if your site isn't perfect. Good luck!

Winner Will Receive The Following:

  • A large 250X250 link with a screenshot of your website (Or other desired picture) on Fantastic Food Home Page for two months! Fantastic Food is visited by 30,000+ visitors per month and growing!*
  • A new site logo or other desired graphic provided by Ice Design ( ).
  • A paragraph recommending your site to all of Fantastic Food's visitors.
  • The Fantastic Food Trophy to post on your site.
  • An official Fantastic Award Certificate of Achievement , available by regular mail and email.
  • A featured listing in Fantastic Food's Food Blog Directory.
  • A professional evaluation of your website (if desired) to encourage it's continued growth and success.

NOTE: Four finalists will also be awarded with the Fantastic Food Finalist Trophy and Certificates, as well as a featured listing and professional evaluation (if desired).

Basic Entry Requirements:

  • MUST be about food in some way, shape, or form.
  • MUST be in English (For now, we have no translators.)
  • MUST be updated at least once every three months.
  • MUST be a blog or professional website, not an adsite. (Note: For-profit websites are not judged unfavorably. We understand that without ads, etc. blogs and websites would not be as feasible. The key here is that the ads aren't the entire focus of your website.)

Advanced Criteria:

    Creativity - How is your website different from other websites? What do visitors first notice about your website? What have you done to make your website stand out?
    Utility - What service does your website provide? Is your website clean and neat and easy to navigate? Can people ask questions or get feedback easily? Do you keep your blog current?
    Vision - Does your website understand visitors' needs? Is you website adaptable to future visitor needs? How are you currently developing your website?
    Site Values - Does your website focus on helping people or is it just for making you rich? Does your website affiliate with or contain any form of malware or participate in email address harvesting? Would I feel comfortable recommending your website to my grandmother?

How To Enter:

    To enter your blog/website into this year's contest, email us your website URL (see address below) and indicate that you'd like to be considered for the Fantastic Food Blog of the Year Award. Please be prepared to respond to an email we may send to you with questions regarding your site construct. All entries must be submitted by November 1st to be considered.

    Also, although it is not required for entry, sites that have linked back to our food blog are considered favorably, as it shows us at Fantastic Food that you are a serious Food Blogger. (NOTE: As far as Fantastic Food is concerned, there is nothing wrong with wanting links as long as your focus is helping people save time and learn something new.)

If you would like to be included in our Food Blog Directory (at no charge or obligation), please email us with your website URL at:

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