How to Cook Barley

Cooking Barley is an easy task that anyone can enjoy. It leads to being able to cook more elaborate dishes involving the wonderful ingredient and sets up the perfect opportunity to impress friends and families with new cooking abilities. Cooking Barley is extremely simple. All that is needed to know how to cook barley is some know-how of boiling water and a little bit of time.

Tihs is how to cook barley

First, a pot will be needed to cook the barley in. Filling the pot so there is any degree of water that the barley can float in will be sufficient to let it boil and gain its wonderful flavor. After this all that needs to be done is to let it boil for a small amount of time depending on the amount being cooked.

After these simple steps are done a wonderful dish of cooked barley can be prepared with another food to highlight its brilliance.

photo by mconnors

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